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Cathedral is a game which takes you back to the roots of NES gaming. Its main focus is on exploring an unknown world, trying to figure out where and who you are. Discover a world full of towns, dungeons and hidden areas. Conquer the dungeons and find items that wil help you unearth more of this strange world.

Avoid both traps as well as the dangerous creatures that inhabit this peculiar place while claiming back your skills and memories, one dungeon at a time.


  • Large non-linear world, meant for exploring!
  • Secrets, puzzles and side quests
  • Old school 8 bit action adventure gameplay
  • Seven dungeons to conquer, each unlocking new skills and items to help you reach new corners of the world
  • Many distinct areas, each with it's own unique aesthetics
  • Several towns to visit and NPCs to interact with


Check back every now and then since we'll upload and refresh the screenshots as we develop the game!


Check back every now and then since we'll add more videos as we continue developing the game!


  • For what platforms will Cathedral be available?
    Initially, we are going for a simultaneous release on Windows, OS X and Debian-based Linux systems. Console ports are being investigated, and will be revisited after the initial PC launch
  • When will Cathedral be released?
    We believe in making the best game possible and not rushing the quality. Developing Cathedral is currently our greatest passion, and we will keep the release date as TBA for now. We will continuously write blog posts about the state of the game, and we're usually around to be found on various conferences!
  • Is it possible to get a review copy of the game?
    We haven't started sending out review copies yet, but if you're a member of the press, please contact us to be on our list when we do start sending review copies out!
  • Do you have a presskit?
    Yes we do! We have one for Decemberborn Interactive and a separate one for Cathedral.
  • What game engine does Cathedral use?
    Cathedral's engine is written completely from scratch, both the rendering engine, physics engine and all tooling. The engine itself is written in C and C++ with scripting in Lua. Rendering is done through OpenGL. We love talking about our tech! Feel free to contact us if you want to know more!


Decemberborn Interactive is an independent game developer, based in Helsingborg in souther Sweden. We love games - both to play and to develop them. Our goal is to create fun and immersive experiences through indie games.

Our first and current project is Cathedral - a NES inspired adventure game where exploration is the main focus. Cathedral is an experience truly built from the ground up, with a completely custom game engine, developed to be molded to the exact needs of the game.

Decemberborn Interactive AB was founded in 2015, but Cathedral has been in active development for almost 2 years.


We have a passionate team based mainly in Sweden and the Netherlands. We're also employing freelancers from around the globe to help bring our project to life. Take a look at our presskit to see a full list of collaborators for Cathedral.

The core team of Decemberborn is currently made up of three persons. Eric started developing the game and the engine in 2014 as a pure project of passion - the goal was simply to build something fun completely from scratch.

After a while, Eric realized that he wanted someone else on board to compose music and sound effects. After searching for collaborators for a while, he met Aron. Today, Aron is involved in all game design decisions and is an integral part of building the game.

As a final piece of the puzzle, Acke joined forces with Eric and Aron in 2015, and Decemberborn Interactive went from being an idea to being a fully formed company.


Lead developer

Programming Maniac, beer enthusiast and lover of all that is retro



Dutchie, composer and jack of all trades with a passion for chaos


CEO / Head of marketing

a dungeon-master of business with keen eye for quality and talent