We have some gameplay to show you!

Posted by Eric Lavesson on 2016-08-21

As we've mentioned in previous posts, we're going to Poznan, Poland this October to showcase Cathedral at Poznan Game Arena 2016. This means that we have a lot of work to do in order to get ready. We're putting a lot of hours in right now to make our dream of Cathedral come true, and it's easy to forget sharing progress for prolonged periods of time when you're deep into development.

So, in order to actually DO share something, here's a gameplay video showing two areas - Shade Forestand the town of Ivystone Ridge:

Ivystone Ridge is the first town that you encounter in Cathedral. It's pretty much a "hub area" of sorts, where you'll be able to head east to Ivystone Graveyard, or west to Shade Forest. Both of these areas in turn lead to new places as well.

Anyway, more updated are on the horizon as we continue to prep for our trip to Poland, but we really wanted to show everyone this video (we're kind of proud over how the world is growing!)

Until next time,

// Eric

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