Some words from the team and new updates soon!

And so we continue!
Posted by Aron Kramer on 2017-01-25

Hello everyone,

We first want to thank you for ongoing support for the game and staying patient with the lack of updates lately. We are, however, very happy to announce that we will very soon be back to our normal schedule of producing and updating the game.

We had to handle various matters internally, but now we have the resources to continue developing the game and we will do so with the same passion and motivation.

There will be some updates very soon, whether it's a a piece of new music or something else, but we'll also be streaming our game on Twitch soon and might use this more often during the future to better stay in touch with our fans and showcase how the game is coming along. Once again, we're happy to be back at our precious game and you can expect to hear from us again rather soon.


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