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Posted by Aron Kramer on 2017-02-26

Hey everyone,

This is Aron and we're glad to bring you another update to how things are going. We can now truly say we are back to implementing content to the game and we're better than ever. There will be a new theme for the Gargoyle soon and there'll be more music related updates for you soon as I am composing new themes for everything that can be done better. We'll have a brand new character to introduce to you soon too, so we hope you are excited for that!

On another note, we have the new developer Mattias Andersen working on the game along side Eric, which has been greatly beneficial and we would like to take this chance for him to introduce himself!

"This is me the short version! I'm a 36 years old software developer working at Edument AB in Helsingborg. I live with my wife and two daughters. Programming takes up all of my spare time because I love to solve problems and I love to learn new stuff.

How I got involved with Cathedral? I saw Cathedral for the first time short after my teacher told me that a guy from his company was working on a 8 bit game. I grew up with a Nintendo 8-bit and my favorite games were exactly the same games that Cathedral was inspired by, or similar to: Mega man,
Castlevania, Metroid, Faxanadu, and Zelda to name a few.

For approximatley a year ago I started to work at the same company (Edument AB) as Eric and almost every morning we started with looking at new features in Cathedral. I was so thrilled with the game and was later asked to follow along to a big game event in Poland where we demonstrated the game for thousands of people. That's the story how I got involved in Cathedral."

We are also very excited to announce that we'll be holding a Cathedral stream saturday March 4th at 22:30 (CET). In this stream you will be able to see a playthrough of the first dungeon and you'll be able to ask us questions about the game. We hope you'll be joining in and will give you a link to our Twitch account soon over social media!

For now that is all, but we'll be in touch shortly with new updates. We thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm and support and we're thrilled to continue working on the game!


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